Managing Headaches without the Pharmacy

Tim Appleford, Physical Therapist and Clinical Manager at Bay Area Physical Therapy, will go over some of the different types of headaches, their causes and how you can learn to self-treat and prevent certain headaches. The lecture will touch on migraines, tension headaches and bad habits that may contribute to headaches. He will also give an in-depth look on how physical therapy could be beneficial for this ailment through postural correction and tension release with exercise and stretching.

Client Appreciation Open House

Join us March 10th for a community open house and to honor of our clients (we want to let you know we appreciate you!) Come tour our facility while enjoying snacks and drinks, meet the owners and staff, sign up for complimentary consultation or chair massage, and see the latest addition to our clinic, an open gym! Have questions? Give our office a call at (925) 284-6150 for details.

So bring your friends, family and co-workers. This is open to the community or anyone who wants to check out physical therapy or our other wellness services. We’d love to see you!

What’s Up Down There? The role of Physical Therapy in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Join Dr. Allison Romero, PT, Doctor of Physical Therapy for a lecture exploring the pelvic floor and how to enhance your pelvic health and awareness in all stages of life. We will spend time discussing the pelvic floor and how it affects our anatomy, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, childbirth, postpartum, prostate issues, sex, and menopause. This workshop will teach you how to identify when there is a problem and what can be done to fix it. You will leave with a deeper knowledge of how to engage your pelvic floor muscles and the correct way to do a kegel (it’s about time right?!)

Oh My Aching Back (and Neck!)

This seminar will cover the anatomy of the spine, common injuries relating to the neck and back, and how regular activities of living and exercise can exacerbate your symptoms. Lauren will also discuss proper lifting mechanics, ergonomics, safe transfers and how being aware of posture and body positioning can help to prevent lumbar spine and cervical spine injuries. Presented by Lauren Masi, Clinical Services Director and Co-Owner at Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc.