Here you will find rates for Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, AlterG® Independent Training, Wellness Classes and Personal Pilates.

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Physical Therapy Rates

We offer Private Pay rates and packages for patients without insurance or who have exhausted their medical benefits and need continued care to fully recover.

Private Pay Individual Rates
Evaluation $180
Evaluations are approximately 60 minutes.
Follow-up Visit $110 per visit
Follow-up visits are approximately 45-60 minutes.
Extended Follow-up Visit $180 per visit
Extended follow-up visits are approximately 60-75 minutes.
Private Pay Packages
Evaluation & 5 Follow-Up Visits $693.50
5 Follow-Up Visits* $522.50
*Appointments are booked on the half-hour, but patients should allow between 45-60 minutes.
5 Extended Follow-Up Visits** $855.00
**Appointments are booked on the hour, but patients should allow between 60-85 minutes.
Packages must be prepaid prior to service. There is 5% discount applied to Packages of 5 Visits. This discount also applies to the evaluation if pre-paying for a package before the time of service.

Massage Therapy – Rates & Packages

Relax and unwind with our therapuetic massage services!

Massage Therapy Rates
45 minute session $75
60 minute session $95
90 minute session $140
Packaged Rates
(5) 45 minute sessions ($67.50/session) $337.50
(5) 60 minute sessions ($85.50/session) $427.50
(5) 90 minute sessions ($126/session) $630.00
 New Massage Service: 
 60 minute Massage with Reflexology techniques, warm towel foot wrap and essential oils. Approximately 30 min massage+30 min of reflexology techniques. $105

New clients receive 10% off of the first massage session (applicable only to sessions of 45 minutes or more). Physical Therapy patients actively treated at Lafayette Physical Therapy will receive a 10% discount on massage services (applicable only to sessions 45 minutes or more) until they are discharged from physical therapy. Discounts cannot be combined.

Check with your HSA or FSA to see if massage therapy is included in your coverage!

CranioSacral Therapy

Experience the healing power of a gentle touch.

CranioSacral Therapy Rates
30 minute session $65
60 minute session $85
CranioSacral Sampler
45 minute session – utilizing the same light tough technique apporach as in CranioSacral Therapy, however, adhering to a sequential protocol for a more generalized benefit of well being.
Combination Rate
30 minute session of CranioSacral Therapy +
30 minute session of Personal Pilates Instruction

AlterG® Independent Training

Defy gravity while altering your physical fitness using the amazing AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill within individual or packaged sessions.

Individual Rates
30 minute session $25
Packaged Rates
(10) 30 Minute Sessions $225
(10) 30 Minute Sessions PRO PACKAGE* $165
*The Pro-Package discount is for clients who have purchased and use their own AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill shorts.
Pro-Unlimited Monthly Rates** $300
**Attend up to every working day in the month for a flat fee. This package requires the purchase and use of your own AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill shorts. You may purchase your shorts online via the AlterG® website or contact our Front Desk for further assistance. The Pro-Unlimited Plan is capped at 60 minutes per day.
Cancellations of less than twenty-four hours notice or not showing for your booked AlterG® Independent Training session will be charged the cost of the session.

Small Group Classes

Lafayette Physical Therapy proudly provides affordable wellness services. We want to ensure that our classes meet your need and are happy to offer your first class complimentary! Please note that all of our classes are subject to a complimentary screening and introduction by a physical therapist in order to assess the appropriate level of fitness and placement.

Class Rates
Individual Class Rates $25


You can also enhance your fitness with the individual attention of one of our certified Personal Trainers.

Individual Training Rates
30 minute session $45
60 minute session $80
Packaged Rates
(6) 30 minute sessions ($43/session) $258
(6) 60 minute sessions ($72/session) $432
(12) 30 minute sessions ($40/session) $480
(12) 60 minute sessions ($68/session) $816


Personal Training and Pilates

Receive personalized instructor with both mat, Reformer-based Pilates and personal training.

Individual Training Rates
30 minute session $45
60 minute session $80
Packaged Rates
(6) 30 minute sessions ($43/session) $258
(6) 60 minute sessions ($72/session) $432
(12) 30 minute sessions ($40/session) $480
(12) 60 minute sessions ($68/session) $816