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    Lafayette Physical Therapy strives to provide extraordinary physical therapy in a professional, caring, results-orientated and cost-effective way to … more

    Physical Therapy
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    Relax. Unwind. Restore. Relax and unwind. Reduce stress, muscle tightness, soreness and pain. Lafayette Physical Therapy provides massage and relaxation … more

    Massage & Relaxation
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    Lafayette Physical Therapy is committed to the health of the community by providing a safe and enriching environment to help you reach your wellness … more

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    Lafayette Physical Therapy, Inc. proudly offers exceptional services in the fields of physical therapy, massage and relaxation, and wellness services. We … more

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    This is our Activities Page where you can find out what we're doing within the Community! Click here to stay up to date with our LPT Blog! We … more

Lafayette Physical Therapy has been a member of the Lamorinda community for 40 years!

We strive to be a resource of education, health and healing. We are involved monthly in activities and events. Click on the links or use the search bar below to see what we're up to!